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We thoroughly enjoy interacting with our animals and capturing them and their personalities with the camera at every opportunity. Here are some of our favourite pictures.

Images are not to be reproduced.  Thankyou



  • Alcatraz ready to celebrate with Santa

  • Andrew and Alkira soaking up the rays

  • Our first born girl Angelina

  • Astro's fleece, check out the lustre and crimp

  • Bronwyn with her little man Outlaw

  • Bronwyn's favourite photo, Cimarra at 2 days old

  • Our main man, Class Act surveying his kingdom

  • Dannim enjoying the spring sunshine

  • Sienna born at 3.8kg and 3 weeks premature. Sienna now has her own son to Class Act. A real success story

  • Sienna at 10 months old. What a change from her birth weight

  • Amiento posing after taking a swim in the dam

  • Weaning is such a sad time

  • Alcatraz and Cimarra at the National Show in Bendigo 2005
  •      Outlaw taking his fleece guarding duties VERY seriously

  • What the ......

  • This weather is making my teeth chatter

  • Is this smile big enough?

  • Liquica born 17 Mar 06.

  • Tascha born 24 Mar 06. Our first Roan girl.

  • Karmen, born 28 Mar 06. Now a Champion ribbon winner

    The End