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We always have a range of wethers (castrated Males) older than 18 months for sale as herd guardians. We also provide wethers for herd guardian duties on short or long term lease. Perfect for the farmer who only wants the services of our boys for the couple of months during lambing.

Pets Young males (6 to 18 months old) perfect for small acerage owners or those with children. Young Alpacas can be easily trained and socialised and make excellent companions. They are extremely intelligent and loyal animals. These young males are sold on the understanding that they will be wethered prior to two years of age. Some young males may be available already wethered.

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Please Note: Alpacas are herd animals and do not cope well being alone. Therefore wethers and pets will only be sold in pairs as a minimum. Individual animals will only be sold where the purchaser already has alpacas that our boys can live with.